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Stepanov Alexander Sergeevich


The company "Gillette" (location Saint-Petersburg), expresses its gratitude Daniel V. Parfenov, General Director and staff of the company Ltd VENDING BOX for development and implementation automated machines Vending Box by receipt of PPE and consumables.

Currently, our company installed several of these devices, which are issued PPE, consumables and tools. The implementation of the system of automatic receipt of PPE and consumables facilitated the procedure of replenishment, allowed to make the receipt of round the clock, as well as during the operation of the devices, the total savings amounted to 10-15%.

Auto-complete of the accounting cards of PPE has freed up resources of the Department of labor for more important and complex tasks. The devices are convenient and reliable in operation. Staff like, reviews only positive. 

Look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.


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Almetyev Gennady Evgenievich

Managing Director, Production Concern "SpetsStroy"

We started the project to optimize costs. The groups of the items were identified at the concern. This groups had a large quantitative expenditure, which did not meet the norm for production technology. Some of these groups of items were personal protective equipment and a technological tool. To make managerial decisions to revise the norms of consumption, there was not enough information, because goods issued from the warehouse for production is  non-personalized and in large batches. The actual consumption was not controlled. Part of the reason for this was the warehouse operation mode - only per day, and the round-the-clock mode of production. When developing the solution options, the employees of the Process Optimization Department came across information on the Internet about Vending Box vending machines, and about the possibility of using automatic machines together with software. The decision to start cooperation with Vending Box was influenced by the integrated approach to the provision of services: vending machines, software, implementation and maintenance services, and after-sales service.


I would like to express special gratitude to Dmitry, the project manager from Vending Box, who implemented the integrated solution agreed upon with us on the scheduled dates. Within the framework of the project, the following work units were completed: vending machines were purchased and installed in the production buildings of the three main workshops; work was carried out to regulate the norms for PPE and an instrument for certain categories of workers; the issuance of RFID cards to employees for authorization in vending machines; initial configuration of the VWDS software was performed namely introduced the directories Employees, Commodities, Consumption Standards, are formed for each category of employees of the machine menu with photos of the issued goods, automatic sending of reports to the supply services, technological service and economists on the consumption of goods, the employees of the concern are trained to work in the program, viewing each of the machine in the information panel. Also, intensive support was provided for the implemented solution during the period of pilot operation.


During two months of use, vending machines and VWDS software have the advantage of reducing the cost of PPE and tools by 35%, and also reduce the peak load on logistics units to ensure the production of goods and materials. I express my appreciation and gratitude to the managers and employees of the Vending Box company for a harmonious and high-quality work.

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Ponomarev Alexander Vladimirovich

Director, Warehouse complex "Yuzhny"

The use of vending machines at our warehouse complex made it possible to optimize the number of employees involved in work during the night shift. We have achieved round-the-clock delivery of personal protective equipment to the production staff, while not creating uncontrolled reserves in production facilities and masters rooms. Thus, the consumption of PPE became controlled and for its intended purpose. Also, the system combining vending machines allowed us to obtain information on the actual amounts of PPE spending by different categories of employees and compare it with the normative quantities.

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Sidorov Ivan Petrovich

Metalworking center "Izhmetservis"

The use of vending machines led to a decrease in the consumption of cutting tools by the staff of the metalworking center. The obtainment of the instrument became transparent, standardized, controlled. Any excess of the norm does not remain without the attention of the master, who takes over the instrument over himself and explains the reasons for this.

Technologists and economists actively began to use information from the system in their work. Now the calculations of these services are based on actual data, and not on assumptions.

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